At INW Solutions, we believe that it takes more than just the right hardware or software to successfully implement solutions that will improve your business. We work with you to understand your business requirements first and then help implement technology that better enables your business to achieve its goals. We follow a proven methodology and industry best practices that allows us to complete projects on time and within budget.

Preparation and Planning:

An accurate picture of the existing network, applications and security posture is essential in determining the ability of your infrastructure to support your initiative. It is imperative to address any shortcomings in advance and identify potential problems that can lead to extended downtime or prolong implementation timeframes. Once it is determined that the network is prepared to support the project, a complete project plan is created. This plan will identify resources, potential difficulties, individual responsibilities, and critical tasks necessary to deliver the final project on time and on budget.

Design and Implementation:

The design of the solution is the architectural foundation for a successful deployment. INW Solutions design services will take into account the business requirements and the existing state of the network to generate a detailed design. This design will illustrate the solution’s capability of meeting today’s requirements while scaling for future needs. Once the design is tested, validated and approved, INW Solutions can begin the process of integrating the solution into your production network. We will provide your team with a detailed implementation plan that includes an accurate estimate of time and resources required to ensure minimal delays.

Whether your goal is to improve productivity and performance or enhance collaboration and communication within your business, INW Solutions Implementation Services has proven time and time again that talented people plus a proven project process equal a successful implementation.