Gone are the days of the perimeter-based security solutions where you could feel confident you were protected by a powerful firewall protecting your digital assets. The attack vector has expanded exponentially as the nature of work and as such, our approach to security must change. We have entered the era of layered security solutions to protect our workplace, our workforce, and our workloads.

Workplace Security

Securing the workplace requires preventing unauthorized access to the network by granting access based on user identity and the health of their device. We also must be mindful of non-traditional access for IoT devices.

Solutions include Meraki MX Appliances, Cisco Firepower NGFW and Cisco Identity Services Engine

Workforce Security

The number of US mobile workers is expected to grow to 105.4 million in 2020 and represents about 72% of the total US workforce. This means we must account for securing our digital assets outside of the corporate walls. We must verify users’ identities, gain device visibility and enforce polices based on adaptive and role-based access controls.

Solutions include DUO, AMP for Endpoints and Umbrella

Workload Security

From your data center to the cloud and in-between, securing the workload presents a unique challenge not seen before in our industry. A new, multidimension approach is needed to secure workloads in any data center, and any cloud. Through advanced threat detection, accelerated threat response, and simplified network segmentation we can secure your workload across premise, hybrid or cloud deployments.

Solutions include Cisco Tetration and Stealthwatch Cloud

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